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Basement Floor
Ground Floor
Top Floor

Friday, May, 25

21:59h Opening Concert with Marcus Schmickler at the Bar

22:45h Introduction: Christopher Peterka & Alain Bieber at the Bar

23:00h The GutenbergGalaxy's End

Forcing News trough social media – com lab with Daniel Knapp & Elena Poughia at Lab 1

Ever more actors - despite of their journalistic training or professional background - publish, distribute and facilitate content as news on social media that often turns out as being either "fake news" or at least poorly investigated. With this communications lab we strive to practically demonstrate how one can stage, publish and facilitate news "at will". Let´s find out how far we can get a piece of "news" out of META within 42 hours?

#fakenews #socialmedia

Only the bots know the truth – salon talk with Florian Kuhlmann at Lounge 2

Under the concept of big data, we create a reality that is becoming more and more relevant and effective and that completely withdraws our perception of truth. It is a reality stored in bits and bytes and can only be scanned by us through the interface of the machine. It is only through these technical prostheses that we can penetrate this area, because here begins the world of bots and artificial intelligence, which moves in this natural element, which is designed to absorb these data as we do air and water. Is it possible that in the future only the bots will be able to recognize the truth?

#bots #bigdata #truth

Build your Bot - live on stage with almost no code! – com lab with Martina Yazgan & Sascha Wolter at Studio 2

If you think that the execution of voice commands and the technical development of assistants is just feasible for tech-experts, then we'll proof you are wrong. Sascha & Martina from Cognigy guide you through the world of conversational user experience aka Alexa and they will discuss the creative opportunities and limitations. Feel free to join us to see a bot is convertible by everyone in minutes.

#voice #alexa #limitations #opportunities

The Next Documenta Should be Curated by a Machine – salon talk with UBERMORGEN & KHM COLOGNE, BLACK MIRROR INSTITUTE & Joasia Krysa at Studio 1

Artist Hans Bernhard and curator Joasia Krysa engage in an illustrated conversation about the potential of AI for curating. Prompted by artistic and curatorial experiments from first cybernetic learning and art machines to contemporary curating algorithms on one hand, and recent experiments at the Google Cultural Institute that attempt to apply “machine learning” to organising art works on the other, the conversation looks to the future of machine curating. With contemporary art generating vast amounts of data, circulating through art institutions (museums, public and commercial galleries, art fairs and global art biennials), curators play a crucial part in this system, increasingly assisted by technologies. What happens if the whole of the contemporary art world is seen as a mass of data that is far too big and complex for a single human-only curator to make sense of? The title of the session makes reference to the e-flux project ‘The Next Documenta Should Be Curated By an Artist’ (2003) and instead proposes that this should be curated by a machine.

#art #bots #exhibitionmakers

Saturday, May, 26

3:00h The End of Privacy

Venus Calling salon talk with Christoph Kilian at Lab 1

By reversing the idea of contemporary space travel – what if the planets came to us? – the mission continues a dialogue rooted in the history of mankind and the gaze toward the sky, with an emphasis on a disconcerting application of technology.

#planets #universe #reverse

OM KI Session meditation with Nesha Nikolic Lounge 2

Was "nothing" at first? Is there a creator source? Is our world a 3D hollogram of the Alien AI? Digestion is superfluous, take Nano Dr Oetker Food!

#creation #nothing #myths

Drawing with Sound – atelier with Anna Ridler at Studio 2

I trained a neural net to recognise shapes that recur in my life-drawing sketches. While performing a pair of glasses with a webcam attached recognises shapes which trigger recordings of a soprano. The performance occurs over a period of time, with the track drawn in charcoal on a white wall and then erased, echoing the repetitions that a machine learning programme goes through in different epochs when training and learning.

#drawing #sound #performance

Machine Learning Jam Session – workshop with Carolien Teunisse & Sabrina Verhage at Lab 2

Carolien Teunisse and Sabrina Verhage are hosting a jam session to collaborate on an audio-visual live performance performed by both human and non-human participants. They will encourage participants to use Wekinator (a free open source machine learning tool) to build musical instruments, hypnotizing visuals, gestural controllers, computer vision systems etc. For those of you who are unfamiliar, they will provide a short theoretical introduction to machine learning and examples on how to use Wekinator.

#wekinator #machinelearning #performance

7:00h Electric Sheep and their keepers

Battle of the Domestic Bots – atelier with Danny Frede at Lab 2

Here, vacuum cleaner robots drive over the screen. Whoever can hold out longest before he runs out of juice wins. Let's feed'em paint! Let's spur them on! Let's bet! Let's just sit back and watch: Is every robot an artist? Do the coincidences in the algorithm already result in an artist's soul? Can one robot replace up to 20 artists in the future?

#painting #vacuumcleaner #battle

Unleash Your Smartphone Creativity @ the HUAWEI Hack-Lounge – hackathon with Seda Röder & Andreas Zimmer at HUAWEI Hack-Lounge

For 24 hours, we invite you to explore our new HUAWEI P20 series, showcase your ideas on the future of mobile photography, use our SDK, play around with Android and start building something exciting. Yes! Go for it and give us goose bumps!

What to win? Of course HUAWEI P20s! ;-)

Please download the Freeware: Android Studio

Please note: Hacking groups should not be bigger than 3 ppl. max.

Join our Slack-Channel:

#HUAWEI #mobilephotography #hackathon

Image Recognition in Bots and Android – lab with Sidali Mellouk at Studio 1

Visual search or image recognition are key AI technologies for the next decade. In this workshop we will build a simple app that will recognize different objects in the room using the Nyris Vision API and show you some tricks and tweaks to improve recognition precision.

#imagerecognition #app #visual

Archeology of the Digital - Kick Off – talk at FROH!lab

More information coming soon...

8:00h 24 Hours Nonstop – concert with Brixton at the Club

Brixton is a tech house artist, music producer, composer and remixer. Brixton hosting his own video showcase party „Brixton Invites“ with international guest DJs and long time friends performing for small crowds in unique venues. At the Meta Marathon it's a special performance an 24 hours nosnstop Dj set by himself. Join Brixton and dance 24hours nonstop.

#music #24h #nonstop

9:00h In corpore sano – Morning Run with the Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf Thomas Geisel at the front door

Debate while running: Participants can run one round around the NRW-Forum with Thomas Geisel, Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf, and discuss the current challenges of artificial intelligence. Please bring your sport gear and a towel. There is also a possibility to shower afterward.

#running #mayor #ai

11:00h Homo Ludens

Algorithms, trust, and politics: how everything old is new again – salon talk with Michelle Kasprzak & Fabian Saavedra-Lara at Studio 1

Humankind has perpetually sought to impose order onto the chaos of nature, with varying results. In his classic text Seeing Like A State, James C. Scott argues that four elements contribute towards catastrophic human planning errors: administrative ordering, high-modernist ideology, an authoritarian state, and a passive public. Scott uses the development of "scientific forestry" as an example of not only maintaining consistent yield, but regulating forests to make them easier for humans to see and manage. This tendency continues as we develop "machine readable" objects and interfaces, to make the physical world more legible to the automated technological systems we have created. Recent blockchain artworks take this a step further. In this talk we will examine several examples and their implications.

#manageable #digital #physical #prussian

Build Your Own Hero – Creating AI for video games – com lab with Chris Geiger & Marcel Tiator at Lab 1

At the workshop of Chris Geiger and Marcel Tiator you can develop your own intelligent agent who is able to play atari games by himself. No certain knowledge about AI or a specific programming language is necessary, but if you want to participate it is highly recommended to download the provided VirtualBox image before visiting the workshop. The image contains the necessary software environment so that a direct developement start is possible and can be downloaded at (x64 architecture required). If you want to start playing around with the image and explore the development environment, please visit

#ai #games #heros

PENDORAN VINCI – artist talk with Tina Sauerländer, Peggy Schoenegge, Erin Gee, Nora Al-Badri, Nikolai Nelles, Jonas Blume, Sofian Audry, Liat Grayver, William Latham, Lance Putnam, Justine Emard, Leoni Spiekermann at Exhibition Room & Studio 2

Artist Talk - One hour maximum @ exhibition room: The artists present at the PENDORAN VINCI exhibition talk about their work. Presented by the two curators Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge. The audience can ask questions at any time.

Starting 13:00 @ Studio 2: Designing Mutoids for Mutator VR: William Latham and Lance Putnam will give a short introductory talk on the Mutator VR Organic Art Experience, then Lance will teach attendees to design and adapt their own procedural Mutoid entities on their laptops for release into the Mutator VR: Vortex Experience on HTC Vive. Attendees will then be able to interact in VR with the Mutoids they have just created as they flow around them.

#artisttalk #VR

Created by Humans, curated by AI. EyeEm Vision Technology and the 20M Photo-Community around the Magic of Light – salon talk with Gen Sadakane at Lounge 2

EyeEm is a technology company with a photography community and market place with more than 20 Million photographers worldwide. The EyeEm Vision Technology allows the users to share, interact and sell their images with a special aesthetic ranking and image recognition framework powered by AI. Talk powered by HUAWEI.

#eyeem #photography #ai

13:00h Digital Transformation - with Patrick Kramer at Lounge 1

How digital do you want to be? Experience the real Digital Transformation and upgrade your body with microchip-implants! 10 implants will be sponsored by us - first come, first serve - installed directly at the "Digiwell - Upgrading Humans“ booth. Digiwell

#implants #digitaltransformation #upgrade

15:00h Medium and Material

Data Ownership and the Future of Labour – workshop with Manuel Beltrán & Katrin Sophie Fritsch at Lounge 2

In the context of a society that progressively automates human labour, we all have become data workers. Our production of data is exploited by private companies and nation states for different purposes. The end game of these dynamics is the training of AI -making us unknowingly the workers that are developing it. The installation Data Production Labour proposes a structural response to position ourselves as workers instead of users as a way to gain ownership of the production of data, in which lays the future of human civilization.
During the workshop we will examine these issues and discuss different approaches to respond to them: Should data be owned by individuals? Or should we commonise data as a public good?

#data #producers #humans

Sustainable Playing – workshop with Miguel Reynolds & Catarina Brandão at Lab 2

Sustainable Playing — having fun solving human challenges, improving our lives. When work becomes fun and fun is useful. The Sustainable impact of intelligent fun and play. Gamifying work making it fun and useful. Can play and fun contribute to sustainability?

#fun #playing #useful

How to teach computers to see? – salon talk with Anna Lukasson-Herzig at Studio 1

In a very simple way Anna will explain the basics of AI and what all the deep learning / neural network / tensor flow staff is about. Join and be the next buzzword superhero!

#ai #superhero #creativitytogo

AI-Design Sprint – atelier with Mike Brandt, Jonas Wenke, Maria Angelica Saavedra Hernandez at Lab 1

In this AI-Design Sprint you will create AI solutions that change companies or even transform industries. You will use analog tools like the AI-Canvas and AI-Card Deck, which make the AI-Design Sprint to a hands-on and playful experience. No prior AI knowledge or design experience necessary. We want people to understand the value they can deliver through AI.

#ai #create

16:00h AI & Creativity

Creativity to Go: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mobile Photography – panel with Anna Lukasson-Herzig, Seda Röder Andreas Zimmer, Gen Sadakane and Andreas Ullrich at Studio 1

Smartphone companies and startups concentrating in perfecting mobile photography and image recognition technologies open up a whole new world of creativity in our pocket! What is already possible and what will be possible in the future? Join us to discuss with experts and artists from HUAWEI, EyeEm & Nyris.

W/ Andreas Zimmer, HUAWEI; Gen Sadanake, EyeEm; Anna Lukasson-Herzig, Nyris; Andreas Ullrich, Artist. Moderator: Seda Röder.

#ai #photography #future

19:00h Work in the Space of Streams

Global Village Paranoia? – com lab with Nicolas Maigret & Baruch Gottlieb at Studio 2

What could be the common symptoms between social influencers, media manipulation, trolls, bot armies, clickbaits, misinformation, conspiracy theories and false facts? In this workshop we will attempt to produce desperate and paranoid diagrams and cognitive mapping which can help us navigate these unfamiliar territories.

#fakenews #influencer #clickbait

Legal Challenges – salon talk with Peter Huppertz at Studio 1

Artificial intelligence and autonomous machines present new challenges for our existing models of liability which are largely causative based. Where it is unclear why a machine has behaved in a particular manner due to its complexity or learned behaviours, how are we to determine attribution of "fault" or "defect" for liability purposes? Can fiction based concepts such as Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics or the Blade Runner rule (mandatory Voigt-Kampff-Test) help the legal regime of the future?

#machines #ai #behaviour

Play the Turing Test – workshop with Luba Elliott at Lab 2

Play the Turing Test is a performance aiming to question the different interpretations of what it means to be human and what it means to be an AI. The performance consists of 2 short scripts acted out by 4 groups in front of an audience. Each group performs one of two scripts (one computer-generated, the other written by a human) acting either as human or as AI. The audience will then try to guess which group had which combination i.e. who was acting out the AI generated text as human actors and who was acting the same script as AIs (and the other way around!).

#performance #acting #ai

Archaeology of the Digital – workshop with Klaus Neuburg & Sebastian Pranz at Lab 1

The workshop aims to explore the physical dimensions of the internet. In an approach of "analoge data-journalism" we will try to materialize the digital by collecting and visualizing our everyday-life data. Bring paper, scissors, rocks and Arduinos…

#visualizingdata #physical

23:00h Digital Dialectics

Artifical Intelligence Impro Comedy – workshop with Piotr Mirowski & Kory Mathewson at Studio 1

HumanMachine is an artistic experiment fusing improvised theatre with artificial intelligence and telecommunications technology, aiming at exploring the meanings of creativity and spontaneity. We (two humans, one of whom will be connecting from Canada, and one robot powered by AI) will perform a completely improvised comedy show for you, invite brave volunteers from the audience to join us for improvised theatre with a chatbot, and talk about the Surrealists, Stanislavski and theatre theory, performing with a robot on the stage, TensorFlow and recurrent neural networks trained on film dialogue.

#theater #improvised #comedy #ai

Voice of Echo 2 – ASMR performance with Erin Gee & Sofian Audry at Lounge 3

Erin Gee will livestream a special ASMR performance featuring the outputs of a LSTM machine learning algorithm that learns to speak based on Emily Bronte#s Wuthering Heights. Erin will softly whisper, tap, and use finger flutters and tracing to elicit subtle tingles in the audience that listens on their own phones-laptop-devices Click here to watch live please bring your own headphones to the performance.

#asmr #relax #fallasleep

Chronic Film: From Dust to Pixels – salon talk and screening with Alex Anikina at Lounge 2

Chronic Film is software-based generative video, or a structuralist digital film. In concept, it plays every possible image (every possible combination of pixels) that can be generated on the screen of a certain resolution - 1280 by 1080. In practice, most of these images are actualised as noise. In essence, it looks into the idea of cinema taken to its absolute extreme, to a chronic condition: a film with a duration longer than the life of human civilisation, and with the visuals not made for human perception.

#film #cinema #generativevideo

Machine Dream – atelier with Andreas Ullrich, Manuel Roßner, Johannes C3D2 and Raphael Näser at Lab 1

AI + Hacking + Art

#ai #hacking #art

Sunday, May, 27

0:00h Sleep Concert: Joanne Armitage & Shelly Knotts at the Sleeping Area

Declaration of Independence

08:00h Declaration of Independence by the people from the internet of everything

09:30h Wrap Up & Farewell