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Food & Drinks at the Festival

Thanks to our partners Natsu, Sipgate, Red Bull, Warsteiner, ma.tea and Berliner Brandstifter all participants of the META Marathon will be provided with free food and drinks.


On May, 26 you'll get breakfast and lunch by Natsu.

Natsu is going to sponsor us with sushi, wraps, sandwiches, salads and soups.

Dinner & drinks will be provided by sipgate.

Sipgate is going to provide different dishes from around the world for you.

On May, 27 you'll get breakfast once again by Natsu.


You'll have access to energy drinks by Red Bull, Beer by Warsteiner, Matcha Tea by ma.tea, and gin and vodka by Berliner Brandstifter. And of course water and coffee.

Food & Drinks in Düsseldorf

If you want to get some extra food or drinks Düsseldorf offers you plenty of options. The NRW-Forum is located in the district of Pempelfort. There you can find within 5 minutes by foot the Nordstraße and the Duisburger Straße. At both streets you have a wide range of different options with food from all around the world.

For local specialties you can go to the restaurant Himmel & Ähd at Nordstraße 53 where you can enjoy the cuisine from the rhine region. For turkish and oriental specialties we can recommend Mahlzeit Döner Kebap House at Duisburger Straße 50.

There are also different bakeries or fast food places like Pizza Hut or Subway.

Directly in front of the NRW-Forum and at the rhine river is also the "Fortunabüdchen" where you can buy beer and snacks.

The NRW-Forum is also located close to the Altstadt (the old city center). There you'll find a lot of different bars, clubs, and restaurants. If you want to have a beer you should try Altbier (the local beer of Düsseldorf). Therefore you can go to one of the local breweries like Brauerei im Füchschen at Ratinger Straße 28, Brauerei Kürzer at Kurze Str. 20 or Brauerei zum Schlüssel at Bolkerstraße 43.

Grocery Stores

The closest options for buying groceries are Aldi Süd at Duisburgerstr. 24 and right next to it you can do your shopping at EDEKA at the same address.